April 2024 Meeting Highlights

Mayor Molnar was present at the April meeting for the discussion concerning the status of the roof of the Manor.  Parts of the roof need replacement and parts appear to need repair. Estimates are being obtained by several roofing companies qualified in slate application.  Mayor Molnar stated that Longwood Manor will be getting a new sign this year similar to the signs that are being erected at the entrances to the city.  He also stated there will be additional clearing of the brush around the Manor in 2024. LMHS received money through the NOPEC grant and Mayor Molnar was thanked for facilitating this.  Planning for the Ladies Tea on May 4 continues with a speaker engaged, menu set, and we are at max occupancy for reservations.  The Rainbow Girls from Brecksville Assembly will be assisting with serving. The first open house for 2024 is scheduled for April 28th from 1-4 PM. 

October 2023 LMHS MEETING

The October 2023 meeting of the LMHS was held on 10/24 at 10AM at the Manor.  We discussed the holiday events: Holiday Luncheon on 12/9 and Open House on 12/10.  The Manor will be decorated for the holidays. We are working to make sure the Manor is prepared for the winter.  There are several projects that need to be completed. 

March 2024 Meeting Highlights

LMHS was approached by Applebee's Restaurant to submit historical pictures of Longwood Manor and the Macedonia area for their renovation. Pictures were submitted for review.  Part of the Longwood Manor original slate roof from 1926 is at the end of life and needs to be replaced at an estimated cost of $25,000.  Drone pictures of the roof were viewed.  Other estimates are being sought. The remaining part of the original slate roof has maybe 1-2 years of life left and will require $25,000-$35,000 to replace. Full roof replacement will run $212K. Major fundraising is needed to cover these costs. The 3rd Annual Ladies Tea will be on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, at 12 Noon.  There is a planning meeting on Monday, 4/13 at 10AM. A poster has been added to the events section of this webpage. Grounds clean up including gutters is needed and workdays will be scheduled possibly with Scouts and Mission Mondays from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church youth. Discussed was starting an Unfinished Objects Group at the Manor to help with Manor exposure.  Details to be worked out. Thank you to everyone who renewed their membership for 2024 or gave a donation.  New members are always welcomed and needed.  Please see the membership page on this website to join. The Holiday Open House with Santa had many positive comments and is being planned again for 2024. Monthly open houses start April 28th from 1-4 PM.


The LMHS meeting was held on September 26 at Longwood Manor.  The application for the grant from the Ohio Historical Connection has to be delayed till 2024.  The city owns the Manor, and they have to submit the application.  LMHS will continue to work towards having a grand reopening of the Manor on April 25, 2026, to coincide with Mayor Long Day and the 100th Anniversary of Longwood Manor being built.  The plan is to decorate the Manor era appropriately and make it available for small events like adult birthday parties, showers, meeting space.  We would like to encourage school children to visit the Manor and learn about local history.  Plans are for artifact displays relating to the North Summit Hunt Club, Mayor Long and the City of Macedonia.  A profit of over $1000.00 was realized from the Rummage Sale.  Thanks to everyone who shopped, donated or helped. 

Longwood Manor Historical Society

July 2023 meeting was cancelled.


Decision was made to cancel the luncheon scheduled for December 9th but go ahead with the Holiday Open House on December 10th from 1-4 PM.  Decorating has started.  The preparations of the Manor for the winter are underway.  

Welcome to Longwood Manor

A National Historic Place in Macedonia, Ohio


The August meeting of the Longwood Manor Historical Society was held at 10AM on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at the Manor.  Mayor Nick Molnar was able to join us. Electrical repairs have been completed.  The Rummage Sale will run a second weekend in August. The Grant Application is progressing, The Fire Inspection was completed with several deficiencies noted that are in the process of being corrected. LMHS will not participate in the football concessions this year.  The Haunted Hallow will be on October 14, 2023.  Decorating will start in September. The Rummage Sale has been held over for a second big sale on Friday 8/25 from 9-4 and Saturday 8/26 from 9-3.  There will be a $3.00 bag sale all day on Saturday.   Tell your friends, neighbors and everyone else. Hope to see you at the  the sale. 

May 28, 2024, meeting highlights
Roof repair estimates are still being collected. One company recommended gutter cleaning.  Kurt recommended a company that does gutter cleaning and roof repair/replacement. Dorothy will contact them. The Ladies Tea was very successful with about $1000.00 profit. Motion made, seconded and passed to give the Rainbow Girls a $50.00 donation for their help at the tea. Grant application needs to be submitted in 2024.  The application due date is not on the Ohio History Connection website.  Sam will contact Deb and Dorothy after SummerFest with a date to start working on updates for submission. The city has requested LMHS present the Annual Report on 6/14 at the Council Meeting.  Deb will present. Workdays will start on Tuesday, June 4th  at 10AM.  There have been several acquisitions lately. Deb got a large dining room table and chairs from her cousin; she also got prints of historical homes located in Bedford.  Dorothy got an executive style desk. Insurance bill of $641.00 is due 6/7.  Motion made, seconded and passed to pay this bill. May open house had 14 visitors. We need a snap-on cover for the light at the top of the stairs. This is an incandescent bulb and per fire code they must be covered. LED bulbs can be exposed. Dorothy will get one.   Next meeting 6/25 at 10AM. 


We had a nice turn out at the TV and Rock and Roll presentation by Mike and Janice Olszewski.  Thanks to everyone who attended. 

We hope to start the electrical work on the second floor by the end of July. We have received an estimate for all electrical work needed totaling $28,000. Plan is to submit in September for a brick-and-mortar grant from Ohio History Connection to help with the cost of this.  We will need monetary donations as this is a 60/40 matching grant.  If you have grant writing experience or want to help, please contact us via our email at LMHS1926@aol.com.  You can also donate by scanning in the QR code on the about us page.

A few upcoming events to remember. Band Concert by the University Heights Symphonic Band on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 7PM at the Manor.  Bring your chairs and enjoy the music.  Rummage Sale will be Friday August 4 and Saturday August 5th, 2023.  If you are available to assist with Rummage Sale set up week prior or at the sale please contact us via LMHS1926@aol.com.